What We Do

Strategy leveraging core competencies to help you develop innovative strategies, create business opportunities and ensure success.

Our Mission

To establish Vaishnavi Exports as an industry leader and a
pioneer through innovative products, high standards of quality and
technological excellence, strong customer focus and a
global distribution network, empowered employees, a commitment
to the environment, and the maintenance of the highest standards
of ethics.
To Engage Profitably
By providing the highest value to our customers through personal engagement
and innovation.
To Engage Responsibly
By attaining the highest levels of efficiency, honesty and integrity in our daily
To Engage Effectively
By consistent reflection and improvements in manufacturing and service.


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Our Vision

1. Trust and Credibility
2. Superior Quality
3. Product Innovation
4. Respect for each other and the environment
5. Community Service
6. Timely Delivery
7. Constant and Consistent Learning